Santino Quaranta reminds us that life changes quickly


Exactly one year ago, Santino Quaranta was still seen as a piece of the reconstruction puzzle around RFK Stadium. He may not have been an indispensable element for D.C. United, but the one-time wunderkind prospect seemed surely to have a role.

After all, he was just 26 years old.

Of course, plans do go awry as we know – and it was really interesting to see this story today out of Baltimore.

One year after being right in the thick of things for manager Ben Olsen – whose team had a winning record and seemed to have playoff soccer in its future – Quaranta is a high school soccer coach.

Things do change quickly in life sometimes.

Quaranta assisted on a goal during an Aug. 13 win over Vancouver and then assisted on his team’s only goal on Aug. 18, a worthy 1-1 draw in Chicago. So things looked rather peachy.

But United collapsed down the stretch and missed the playoffs. Big changes were afoot. Quaranta retired in December, and now he’s showing the next generation how to play the game.