Good news for Manchester City, Sergio Aguero


All things considered, this is probably good news for Manchester City.

Striker Sergio Aguero will miss about a month, apparently, while recovering from a knee injury that took him out of Sunday’s Premiership opener.

When the Argentine attacker went down early in City’s 3-2 comeback win over Southampton, so many around the Etihad Stadium surely feared the worst: torn up knee, chances of holding off crosstown rival Manchester United crumbling before their eyes, a fresh round of summer transfer drama to fill the Aguero gap, dogs and cats, living together, etc.

So now, Aguero missing only a month doesn’t seem nearly as devastating.

With such a deep bench, and with an international break coming in less than a month (meaning one fewer match that Aguero would miss), City’s pricey depth can surely help absorb the blow.