Oh hey, there’s a Clasico today


Barcelona v Real Madrid.

You will get excited, even if it’s a relatively meaningless game at the beginning of a very long season. It really seems like they were just playing, doesn’t it? Being a soccer player on a very good team must be exhausting.

Welp, it’s happening against today. 4:30pm. The relentless pace of progress.

And, to kick it all off, here’s Johan Cruyff is whining about something again, this time Jose Mourinho’s self-appointed nickname:

“As a player he was not up to much and now he is able to do something,” Cruyff told the Spanish TV station, La Sexta. “How do you make sense of some calling themselves ‘the only one?’ It is good to put that name on a jersey, but nothing more. I do not like that sort of behavior.”

He’s the best. Maybe let’s just start ignoring him.

Anyhow, the game kicks off in one hour. You have been warned.