Steve Cherundolo: right back, golfer, dog guy…and more


We’re all guessing, of course, as we try to channel Jurgen Klinsmann and sort out who may or may not start tonight as the United States meets Jamaica in a World Cup qualifier.

But I’d bet a German bratwurst that Steve Cherundolo will be out there. At this point, the longtime U.S. right back has been in more of these unpredictable regional World Cup qualifiers than he can possibly remember. He has plenty of experience in dealing with speedy forwards and wingers, so Cherundolo will quickly assess what he can and cannot get away with tonight in Kingston.

So, warm up for tonight’s contest by tagging along with the “Mayor of Hannover,” as he takes you through his day in the mid-size German town in this U.S. Soccer video.

Among the things you’ll learn:

  • Next time you find yourself in Hannovers’s charming city center, hooking up some pals, meet ‘em at “the clock.” That’s the way everyone does it in Hanover, apparently.
  • He gets most of his daily meals at a small spot where it looks as though he’s treated like family. Good stuff there.
  • Cherundolo doesn’t mind taking a good-humored little jab at his U.S. buddies playing in England.
  • He’s a dog guy. (I always say, “Never trust a man who doesn’t like dogs.”) Oh, his dog only answers to commands in German.
  • The man’s got a pretty solid golf swing.

Here’s the video. Enjoy.