Bob Bradley getting another shot at beating Brazil


Meanwhile, over in Egypt: A Bob Bradley-coached team will take on Brazil for the sixth time in his career. Egypt plans to play the South American giants during the November FIFA fixture window, just about a year after the Pharaohs lost 2-0 to Brazil in the coach’s debut.

Bradley’s U.S. squads fell to the South American side four times: Once in 2007, twice during the 2009 Confederations Cup, and once in 2010.

Despite the losses, there were good moments. The highlight came in the final of the Confederations Cup in South Africa. After getting soundly beaten in the first meeting, the Americans — fresh off a historic and impressive victory over Spain — scored twice early to take a two-goal lead. They couldn’t hold the advantage, but it was a good cap to a solid performance in the tournament.

Egypt doesn’t play another World Cup qualifier until March 2013 against Zimbabwe, so getting in a high-quality match is a smart move. Plus, it’s always good to play Brazil, no matter the result.

The highlights from the Confed Cup final: