A Picture’s Words: Hugo Lloris to André Villas-Boas

source: Getty Images
Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas (L) writes notes as substitute goalkeeper Hugo Lloris looks on during their English Premier League soccer match against Reading at Madejski Stadium in Reading September 16, 2012. (Getty Images)

What is that you are writing? Your name? Brad’s? Hearts around your initials? A cherubic Joao Moutinho with bow and quiver? Perhaps you will add ‘4-ever’ at the bottom, but no. Brad is too old. This can not last long.

You do not seem to understand, Mr. André. I am the future, something you do not get to decide. It has been decided for you by Mr. Daniel. I am here. For now, I may be but another act in the play you’re constantly writing in your head, your artistic license keeping you the star of a show only you are watching. I sell tickets, Mr. André, not you.

But one day, I will sell tickets for you and this club. Ten million pounds worth of tickets, and just after I embrace Mr. Daniel and look to you, I will take the call from Luka. He will tell me where to find the secret tunnel he’s dug to Madrid. ‘Iker is done,’ he’ll say. ‘Your time is now.’ Thank you, Luka. I am on my way.

Oh, yes – I am looking at you, Mr. André, but I am not here. I am away, in the future, already thinking about when I shall be away from you. Yes, your hairstyle may be the same as mine, but we are not the same. I do not seek to exact lessons on those I don’t know. You, however, have made it your life.

For now, I am your student. Soon, I shall be your master.

No matter how he feels about his part in the team, new Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris can’t argue with the results. Manager André Villas-Boas got his first win as Spurs’ boss on Sunday, his team defeated Reading 3-1 at the Madejski Stadium. All the while, Lloris was lurking over his shoulder.