Monday “Meh” list: quick recap of the slightly overrated


Quick-hit list of people, places and things we noticed over the weekend that land on the over-done or overly praised side. Not necessarily awful but, you know, just “meh.”

  • So much fuss about handshakes (It’s a freakin’ handshake, for goodness sake!)
  • Attendance at RFK Stadium
  • Marco Pappa (Anybody missing the guy in Chicago?)
  • Blaming it all on players’ allegedly lame effort
  • Concerns over the Galaxy when missing one DP
  • Ham
  • Announcers hollering about missed chances (and not giving the other team’s goalkeeper proper credit for a big save.)
  • FC Dallas’ playoff chances without center back George John (pictured)
  • Jan Gunnar Solli (as a midfielder; dude rocks as a DJ)
  • Everton’s finishing
  • Talk of Arsenal demise
  • Anything that takes me away from Champions League tomorrow