New kids on Champions League block: Paris Saint-Germain


You may tell me that the “new boss” is same as the “old boss,” and I get it.

But I will tell you, “At least it’s something new and different.”

I like a little novelty and diversity, a.k.a. “something different,” when it comes to the luminaries of the global game. Nothing against the old gaurd, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, etc. … but I enjoy when a Manchester City busts up the established hierarchy of European soccer.

That’s why I’m excited to see how Paris Saint-Germain can manage its newly acquired wealth. Ligue 1 play is under way and PSG is holding its own. (Not spectacularly at 2-0-3, but doing OK for now.)

But this is the big show, Champions League. It starts today as Dynamo Kiev travels west to Parc des Princes for a Group A clash.  Pricey striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the building blocks on the high-finance reconstruction effort around the regal ground in southwest Paris. (The facility is regal, that is, although certainly not the surrounding neighborhood.)

Ibrahimovic says PSG has the stuff to make a dent in the world’s top club tourney:

This will be a great experience for the club, for the players and of course the supporters. …It is a great tournament, the greatest. I have played it every year but I have never won it. We have the quality, the potential. Every competition I play in, I want to win it.”