Wondo off the bench? It worked like a charm


Two talking points from San Jose, where the Earthquakes and Portland Timbers played to a surprising 2-2 draw.

First, MLS leading scorer Chris Wondolowski made a rare off-the-bench appearance. The striker has been in a fairly long slump, so coach Frank Yallop was clearly looking to shake the man loose via a little system change-up.

It clearly worked, too, as “Wondo” hit for two in his first appearance off the bench since late in the 2010 season. (That night, Wondolowski came in to nail a hat trick, all three goals in a 3-0 result over Chivas USA.)

The added benefit was some extra rest for what always looked like a tougher match, Saturday in the Pacific Northwest against Seattle side that looks quite spry, and has for a while now.

Second, Wondolowski now as 21 goals. But since his pace of scoring has slowed so drastically since earlier in the summer, we haven’t gotten to play “How High Can Wondo go?” lately.

He needs two more to climb into the Top Five all-time best goal scoring seasons in MLS.

Here’s the list of Wondo targets with five matches remaining: