Brad Friedel: Fabian Barthez is “ignorant, disrespectful,” also kind of a jerk


When Hugo Lloris moved to Tottenham at the death of the transfer window, it was supposed to be the end of Brad Friedel. Except, yeah, you know, it wasn’t. Not at all. The ageless American won the Spurs starting job and doesn’t look like he plans to give it to the France No. 1 any time soon.

That bothered some people, not the least of which is Fabian Barthez.

“Lloris is one of the five best goalkeepers in the world,” the former French No. 1 told Le Parisien. “He is faster than Friedel, he jumps higher and he is very strong mentally. What is happening now is incomprehensible, but I’m not concerned. He will become the centre-piece of the club. Hugo is a calm guy, a good worker. Tottenham will not let him stay on the bench for a long time.”

Friedel responded on Twitter:


This is a mess, but I think you gotta side with Friedel on this one. Barthez has no business getting involved. There’s clearly history between the Frenchman and the American, perhaps stemming from 2003 when Tim Howard took Barthez’s job at Manchester United? But Barthez should just be quiet. He’s looking to start a fight. Well, success. Congrats, Fabian. You’ve made an awkward situation at Tottenham that much worse. Do you really think backing Lloris is going to make anything easier?