Monday “Meh” list: quick recap of the slightly overrated


Quick-hit list of people, places and things we noticed over the weekend that land on the over-done or overly praised side. Not necessarily awful but, you know, just “meh.”

  • Sunday afternoon MLS kickoffs
  • Reserve league standings
  • “Flippy” goal celebrations (Any with a summersault, cartwheel, etc.)
  • Complaining about NFL officials
  • Any complaining over referees from Alex Ferguson (They get a lot of calls)
  • Saying your team “deserved more” or “deserved all three points.”
  • “Distribution skills” as a reason Hugo Lloris should displace Brad Friedel in Tottenham goal
  • Suspensions that aren’t really suspensions
  • Steak fries
  • Crinkle fries
  • (Fill in the blank) nation
  • Over-thinking penalty kicks (Just pick a side. Hit it hard!)
  • The next “big” academy signing