Houston Dynamo desperate to get it right; Dom Kinnear’s club has big choices (and huge opportunity)


What’s more important in Houston’s midfield, Ricardo Clark’s range or Adam Moffat’s steel?

It is a choice that has reached “critical call” status, because the Dynamo have three matches remaining at BBVA Compass Stadium (where they are undefeated in 2012) and are desperate to win all three of them.

In New England, Montreal and Philadelphia (three teams that will not make the playoffs), the opportunity is begging to be had. (The Dynamo schedule is here.)

Clark (pictured at right) has been the designated holding man lately in a 4-3-3, but Moffat’s recent injury was surely a factor. Now Moffat is healthy, which means Dynamo manager Dominic Kinnear has a big decision.

Clark is probably the better man in terms of defending and tackling, which theoretically helps free up Brad Davis and Luiz Camargo to stay a little higher up the field. On the other hand, as I mentioned in previous posts, Clark’s passing looks a little too deliberate at the moment.

Moffat does not cover the same amount of ground, but the Dynamo could use a little more grit and spit, just a little more “want-do.” Kinnear said as much the other day, tearing into his team after Sunday’s loss to Philadelphia.

Houston has fallen in recent weeks all the way from 3rd to 9th in ProSoccerTalk’s rankings, so the Orange clearly needs some shaking-up.

Could the answer be in merging out of that 4-3-3, inverting that triangle and using two holding mids? Yes, there is a risk that Moffat and Clark could become redundant in dual holding roles. On the other hand, that would push Brad Davis slightly higher and free up additional more room on the right for Oscar Boniek Garcia.

Perhaps most importantly, it would get the Dynamo’s best 11 on the field. Moffat and Clark on the field, while moving Camargo to the bench? That looks like the best path to nine huge points.