Mexico headed to Houston for a World Cup qualifier


Most reasonable people could agree that Mexico should be able to roll past Guyana whether they played on the most pristine of surfaces or at a muddy construction site. Or a very small dog park, for that matter, with little “landmines” everywhere.

So, in one sense, I suppose it doesn’t matter where El Tri meets the regional minnows during World Cup qualifying.

Still, this never feels right.

Mexico will face Guyana on Oct. 12 at BBVA Compass Stadium on the outskirts of downtown Houston. It’s Guyana’s home match, so this is clearly just a way for a smaller fed to crank up the cash machine.

Not that Mexico hasn’t done similar, and for quite some time now, having played plenty of “home” games in the United States. But those are always friendlies; meaningful matches in actual FIFA competitions should be different.

And by the way, doesn’t everyone believe that even against the teeny likes of Guyana, Mexican fans will buy up more than 22,000 seats (BBVA’s capacity)?

In fact, Mexico defeated Belize in 2008 in a World Cup qualifier before more than 50,000 at Reliant Stadium. That was Belize’s “home” match.

I mean if you’re going to sell out for the mighty buck, may as well do it right, eh?