Bottoming out at Chivas USA; 7th straight loss a club record


Things are, officially, historically bad around Chivas USA.

The club lost its seventh consecutive match Wednesday, a club record. And the news may get even worse.

I’ll check with the league this morning, but I’m wondering about this dreadful little bit of data: Chivas USA has been shut out in six of seven matches; I’ll find out if that has ever happened before. I rather doubt it.

We’ll have more on Vancouver’s end of things a little later. For now, here’s what coach Robin Fraser (pictured) had to say about last night’s 4-0 thumping at BC Place, and how defensive mistakes compound the attacking woes, and vice versa.

We’ve simply not been good enough. We’ve done some things well, but you just can’t escape the fact that we’ve made too many critical mistakes at too many times, and on the attacking end of the field, we haven’t been productive enough.”

If you’re not productive on the attacking end, then the defenders feel the pressure of having to make plays, and [if] the defenders don’t make plays, then the forwards feel the pressure of having to score. Either way, it’s a bad cycle to get into.”