Jurgen Klinsmann is happy to have all his troops in full swing


It’s been an up and down road for Jurgen Klinsmann so far as head coach of the United States national team.

On one hand, hooray for victories over Italy and Mexico. On the other, boo to a lost to Jamaica and a tie with Guatemala in games that actually matter.

We’re about to do it all again, with two matches left to determine the two teams that reach the final round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying. All Klinsmann has to do is lead the Americans to victories over Antigua & Barbuda and Guatemala. Simple, right? Um… sure.

Always sunny Jurgen has some help. Namely, a host of healthy, fit players, unlike, you know, every other time he’s gotten the team together. The coach speaks:

“It’s the first time this year that we have all the players in a full rhythm. It wasn’t the case when we beat Italy in February because the MLS players were in preseason. It wasn’t the case when we beat Mexico because the European-based players were in preseason. The May-June camp was challenging with a lot of different situations with the players. Now everybody is in full swing and prepared. I’m convinced if the players give everything they have, we are going to take care of it.”

Elsewhere, USSoccer.com asked Klinsmann how he felt when Clint Dempsey scored his first goal for Tottenham. The response warms the heart: “You almost celebrate with him! As a National Team coach, you are connected with all the players at the different clubs wherever they play. When they score, you get a smile on your face.”

There will be even more smiles if the U.S. can earn a quick three points in the Caribbean next week.