Highlights and context: Huge win for D.C. United

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Three things to squawk about quickly before looking at highlights of D.C. United’s huge 1-0 win Saturday over Toronto

When everyone tallies up the points at the end of this 17th MLS season, the three points D.C. United earned Saturday at BMO Field will count every bit as much as three points earned in far prettier displays. But, oh, my, was that ever a performance from the less lovely side of the street.

Hamdi Salihi is a disappointment as a Designated Player. There really is no other way of looking at it.  On the other hand, he just scored one whopper of a goal for his employers, never mind how much wonderful fortune was involved in the easiest goal he will ever score. Salihi’s 88th-minute strike that probably secured the club’s first playoff berth since 2007.  In fact, it may even help keep the Black and Red out of that extra wildcard game. It really was a golden goal that way.

“Gritty” or “Lucky” or however you choose to describe this win, credit once again to Ben Olsen and his team for finding the winning formula, even on the road. In Dwayne De Rosario’s absence, they are more defensive and consequently ticking off the 1-0 results. United has won three of its last four by that score; the other match during that stretch was a 1-1 draw at Portland.

Here are the highlights from Saturday’s 1-0 win:


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpV1WmMAaqw&w=560&h=315%5D