NBC team says New York has problems aplenty

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Last week, the Red Bulls looked like world beaters.

This week? Meh.

But did we perhaps make too much of last week’s Red Bull romp-and-stomp? The bright performance was, after all, over poor ol’ Toronto FC, a romp-and-stomp waiting to happen these days. TFC is a poor side to begin with, and injuries have reduced the Reds to an even cheaper version of themselves.

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Thierry Henry, a real student of the game, advised the NBC team in pre-game meetings that his Red Bulls were still far, far, far from a finished product. And how correct he proved to be in Saturday’s 2-0 loss at home.

Here, NBC’s Russ Thaler, Kyle Martino and Arlo White talk about the Red Bulls, and much work ahead.


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