Earthquakes coach Frank Yallop wonders about Wondolowski


A few U.S. fans were puzzled that up-and-coming striker Terrence Boyd was left off the latest American roster.

It’s probably fair to say “more than a few” were bamboozled over the Jozy Altidore choice.

And then perhaps a few were scratching their head  that a man who may well set an all-time record for goals over a single MLS season (speaking of San Jose’s Chris Wondolowski, of course) would be left idle this weekend.

Count Earthquakes coach Frank Yallop among that set. Said Yallop:

You would have thought that you would bring in the top goal scorer in the league by a mile. But it is completely Jurgen’s decision and what he wants to do with the team.”

Klinsmann explained earlier this week this was a tactical choice. Recognizing that Antigua and Barbuda tonight and quite possibly Guatemala on Tuesday (depending on results tonight, of course), may stack the back. In that case, the United States needs more of an aerial banger. That’s Alan Gordon and Eddie Johnson, according to the coach.