Weather check for an important match in Kansas City


The rain that sometimes came down in large Caribbean sheets on Friday and helped to dampen the game’s aesthetics – not to mention what it did to help tame a U.S. attack that probably didn’t need much taming – will not be a threat to Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier.

Nor will biting cold, nor much else, apparently, that Mother Nature could throw up as potential worry point. Not according to the forecasts, at least.


As you can see, local weather Tuesday night in Kansas City calls for more or less a perfect fall day in the Midwest. A little wind shouldn’t be much of a factor given the stadiums roof, which should help mitigate most of the bluster.

That’s all good news for the Americans, who would almost always prefer a good field (which they will have) and ideal conditions. What they don’t want – especially in a match where passage into final round World Cup qualifying is on the line – are unfavorable conditions that helped add to the fortune and luck factor.

Skill-wise, Guatemala is not a bad team, but the United States does have a significant edge.