Bruce Arena is, and will always remain, the best


Oh look, it’s the Los Angeles Galaxy coach being awesome and hilarious and outspoken and all the other things you don’t normally associate with a soccer manager.

Mr. Arena’s club has an uber important match coming up this weekend against the San Jose Earthquakes. As you may remember, the last time the Galaxy’s northern rivals came to Home Depot Center, they won in the dying stages of the game. There was also the match on June 30, during which Los Angeles blew a 3-1 lead.

But the man has moved on:

“I’m not at all troubled by those two games at this point in my life. I’m moving on, I was not happy in the short term with those games, but now I’ve put it past me, I’m looking for greater things in life. I had a grandchild born, we’re in the middle of a heated Presidential election, [the U.S.] lost a difficult Ryder Cup, the Yankees are hanging on for life so really I don’t give two sh*** about the last time that we played San Jose.”

That’s great. With two wins, the Galaxy will avoid the dreaded fourth place-fifth place match in the MLS playoffs. That said, we’re kind of hoping it doesn’t happen that way. We’d love to hear Arena’s thoughts on that game.