Another year for Arne Friedrich with the Chicago Fire?

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It is difficult to quantify the cumulative effect Arne Friedrich has had around Toyota Park. His steady, veteran tutelage for a young, fellow center back has helped Austin Berry win a Rookie of the Year award. (OK, Berry hasn’t been given the award just yet, but who’s kidding whom here?)

Friedrich’s presence certainly hasn’t hurt a young goalkeeper, Sean Johnson, who has had some wobbly moments this year.

Generally, his work along the Fire back line has been more than capable.

Friedrich will be 34 by next May, but that astute positioning serves him well, and he’s remained mostly healthy in his first year for the Fire.

So, another year, Herr Friedrich? The Chicago Tribune says it’s already being talked about. And why the heck wouldn’t it be?

I already spoke to the club and there’s a chance, but there’s nothing to (announce) so far. I love the city, I love the club. I’ve got some very good friends in this town, and the club has been very professional. There’s nothing to complain about.”

In the same piece, Fire manager Frank Klopas repays the big compliments. And at $230,000 guaranteed compensation, the German vet is worth the money, a quality person who takes his role as veteran mentor seriously.

Four words about this from where we sit: “Get this done already.”