Frank Yallop sees Canadian hope, despite Tuesday’s beat down


Frank Yallop has seen Canadian soccer from the inside, as a player and later as the national team manager.

So to watch that horror show unfold Tuesday in Honduras was painful. Choose your best description for an 8-1 loss and don’t hold back, because all the descriptions fit: “Collapse,” or “capitulation” perhaps? “Surrender” has a nice ring to it.

Thus ended yet another Canadian drive for a World Cup that petered out short of the target; Our northern neighbors one and only World Cup appearance was in 1986.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC president Lenarduzzi had those biting words yesterday that Noah Davis told you about.

But Yallop is electing to focus on the sunrise rather than the fading light. That is, he sees hope. Essentially, he said, once the Hondurans climbed on top Tuesday, the momentum of Honduran elation parlayed with Canada’s realization of opportunity slipping away was just too much. Thus, 8-1. Still …

I’ve looked at the last couple of years and been very encouraged. It’s just that putting it all together in qualifying is very difficult. If you look at the overall Canadian setup, it’s always playing catch-up, and it’s not one of the favorites to qualify. We’ve always got that in the back of our mind.”