Philadelphia Union’s Son of Ben support Robbie Rogers


Remember a couple weeks back when we all felt so proud of our soccer supporter nation for proving to be a more modern and enlightened breed?

That was all about Robbie Rogers and about acceptance, about shrugging our collective shoulders and not making a big deal about people being the best version of themselves, not worrying about what that might be.

Well, props to the Philadelphia Union fans for taking things one step further. (And walking back some of those generalizations about Philly sports fans being such serious hard asses; we always knew you guys had a softer, more reasonable side!)

Before halftime of the club’s MLS season opener, the Sons of Ben honored Rogers during with a simple, moving display.  Fans in the River End held up “RR” signs in the 18th minute; Rogers, who recently retired way too early while coming out as gay, wore the number 18 during his long stay with the Columbus Crew.

Also related, and because we used his photo, check out Earl Gardner’s way-cool photo essay from The Philly Soccer Page on Saturday’s opener. (My favorite shot: this one)

USA Today picked up on the Rogers story and threw the Union supporters a little love.