Highlights: Matri, Quagliarella goals lead Juventus past Celtic


Two intriguing goals, compelling in vastly different ways, were the difference between Juventus and Celtic on Wednesday. Both cases serve as example of why Juventus’s exquisite execution make them threads to beat anybody.

The first goal was made by Federico Peluso, Juve’s left wing back who caught Celtic’s Gary Hooper on the ball. Turnovers like that are common in world soccer, but the execution that followed is not. Juventus showed the kind of speed and urgency that would break better teams than Celtic, quickly generating a chance for Fabio Quagliarella. Frazier Forester’s save placed the ball in front of goal, allowing Alessandro Matri to put Juventus in front.

The second goal’s one you’ll want to watch a couple of times. Give Andrea Pirlo this much time and he’s going to hurt you, but the man he’s putting on goal with his chip is Arturo Vidal. It’s one of Juventus’s common tactics, to throw one of their central midfielders forward, but the execution is what makes his move successful. Perfect ball, well trapped, touched nicely back across goal at the perfect moment. Quagliarella’s there to pile on.

Of course, Celtic contributed to these goals. Cooper made an error and their midfield gave Pirlo too much time on the ball. But these are mistakes even top teams will occasionally make, errors that often go unpunished.

Not against Juventus. The Old Lady’s not perfect by any means, but in a one-game scenario, that have the type of team, setup, and mentality to exploit the smallest of openings.

They may not be the best team in Europe, but something about them makes you think they could beat anyone.