Carlos Tevez arrested, may be going to the English pokey


I have a feeling a lot of us will know a lot more about this term “Driving While Disqualified” over the next few days.

Especially if you’re a Manchester City fan, whose days just keep getting darker. Or if you’re among the people who cannot help but watch a little crash-up unfold.

At this point, City will need some type of lottery-luck miracle to successfully defend its English Premier League Championship. Champions League dreams went “poof!” weeks ago.

And now one of Roberto Mancini’s top forwards could go to the English pokey for a spell. Carlos Tevez has been arrested for “Driving While Disqualified.”

When we talk of “disqualification” here, we’re usually thinking about being ruled out of pie baking competition, or scratched from the company three-legged race. But the serious business of driving illegally in England can carry a six-month prison sentence.

The story is just developing. There will certainly be more.