Blatter’s blather


The classic line ‘how do you know when a politician is lying’ reply ‘when his lips move’ can apply equally well to FIFA President Sepp Blatter who today decided to bash the competition, namely the European Championship.

In January, Uefa announced that the 2020 Championships would be staged at various venues across Europe in an attempt to broaden its base and give me supporters from different countries a chance to view the tournament. Uefa President, Michel Paltini has coined the phrase a ‘Euros for Europe’ but then again, he would wouldn’t he, as its his hair brained scheme.

Blatter obviously feeling the heat in the hair brained department has fired back telling Germany’s Kicker magazine, such a Euro lacks heart and soul’ before adding that a ‘tournament should be played in one country. That is how you create identity and euphoria.’ Obviously uncle Sepp is conveniently forgetting that 1). he pushed for the joint World Cup in 2002 hosted by Japan and South Korea 2). As the big cheese he didn’t have to deal with the nightmarish travel conditions in South Africa in 2010, which if you suffered like me, meant the tournament might as well have been played on the moon, it was so hard to travel between destinations.

Blatter by this point should know that silence is golden because every time he opens his mouth, only bizarre statements come forth.