Footballing Reasons


If you heard choking and spluttering this morning it could be the sound of England manager, Roy Hodgson trying to force down a huge slice of humble pie.

With World Cup qualifiers just around the corner against powerhouse San Marino and the ever dangerous Montenegro, Hodgson has realized he’s as threadbare as a Vegas casino carpet at the center back position forcing him to recall, Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand.

The United defender has been on the outside looking in since Hodgson took over the reins of the national team for ‘footballing reasons.’ Hodgson had claimed that Rio could not cope with the demands of an international tournament as injuries increasingly had taken a toll on the man widely regarded as one of the best in the world at his position. Well, that was the public position.

In private though, the reasons given for his omission were Ferdinand’s utter disdain with Chelsea and former defensive partner, John Terry.

Unless you live in a cave, you’ll be aware of JT and his mouth. He verbally and racially abused Rio’s brother, Anton who was then playing for QPR. This happened when? October 2011. Rio last featured for the Three Lions when? June 2011, when he got a run versus Switzerland. Coincidence?

With Terry officially retired from the England team, the door has magically opened up for Ferdinand who just happens to be in superb form for his club.

Footballing reasons eh!