Jose Mourinho Manchester bound?


As the final whistle blew for full-time at Goodison Park this afternoon, Jose Mourinho picked up his cell phone, dialed his travel agent, his realtor and his kids principal. He then sat back in his comfy sofa and waited for the phone to ring and begin negoatiatinng with his agent and Manchester City owner, His Highness Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The self-proclaimed ‘Special One’ likes to play games with the press and with the host of clubs that crave his services however his exit from Real Madrid is all but assured even if he brings home the trophy, the European Cup, that the club most desires.

Sack or let a manager go that brings home the biggest club trophy, madness you say, but Real has a track record. Juup Heynckes and Vicente del Bosque both won the Champions League and both were replaced before the champagne had stopped flowing.

Other than the Chelsea experience, Mourinho doesn’t get sacked, he chooses his own exit. He goes to clubs that are well-funded, stocked with world-class players. City is the perfect situation for him and it provides another opportunity to tweak the nose of his rival Roberto Mancini who he followed at Inter Milan.

Mourinho has expressed more than a passing desire to return to the Premiership. He knows the pitfalls of working with Blues owner, Roman Abramovich, he also knows the City job takes him into the direct eye line of Manchester United and a man he claims to have massive respect for, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Jose is known to have a ‘Machiavellian mind’ and perhaps is already thinking about the next job after he’s done the business with City. No need to call the travel agent, realtor and kids principal next time eh!