Get your yaya’s out


On February 24, Manchester City fans let out a huge sigh of relief as they were greeted by this headline in the sporting pages of the Sun newspaper.

Yaya Toure, one of the world’s most dominant midfielders saying the magic words ‘I want to stay at City forever.’ Fast forward 24 days, that’s right, 24 days and this headline kicks those same supporters right where it hurts.

Now we are being told that this decision to leave Manchester has nothing to do with money, which, is semi-believable as the Ivorian takes home a cool $280K a week but about principle. According to Toure’s agent, Dimitri Seluk, Yaya feels disrespected and that the club no longer wants him however this is where my confusion sets in.

City boss, Roberto Mancini has all but built his team around Toure. The Ivorian plays every game. The supporters absolutely worship him. And having met and chatted with Yaya myself, he didn’t come across as an arrogant, self centered footballer, who thinks the world owes him something.

With his contract almost up, you can’t help but question the timing of this announcement especially as it’s not the player doing the talking but the agent. Seluk knows that City cannot afford to lose their midfield lynchpin and with the uncertainty flowing and growing around the Etihad Stadium regarding Mancini, this could be the perfect time to up the ante on the club and give Yaya his dream payday.

After all, it was less than a month ago that he said and I quote, ‘I want to stay at City forever.’