Qatar is hot in the summer doh!


Now that’s a news flash eh! It’s sort of like saying you get wet in the shower and drinking 10 pints of ESB gets you hammered.

When the decision to host the World Cup in Qatar was made, the first reaction was questions about the heat, actually that was the second reaction, the first was ‘how did that just happen’ but that’s another tale.

So back to the heat in Doha where in the peak summer months it’s hot enough to turn an ice-cold beer into a steamy fondue in seconds. The idea that players, supporters and the like would be able to handle the furnace is ludicrous so the noise to move the tournament is beginning to build

Cuddly uncle Sepp Blatter who thankfully will not be FIFA president by that time has stated that it’s up to the Qatar organizing committee to request an alternative date. His UEFA counterpart, Michel Platini, no stranger to wacky ideas also chipped in with the following today

“I voted for Qatar because they have never organised such a tournament before. If you play in Qatar in December of January, the heat is no longer a problem. In the summer, however, it is impossible to play football when it’s 50 degrees Celsius,”

The trouble I have with this statement is that when Platini voted to decide the host of 2022 he knew that the World Cup is a summer tournament and would be played in the months of June and July.

As we get closer and closer to the point of no return in staging the tournament I can see that it will become the catalyst that ruins FIFA.

Trust me, the contracts have been signed and the lawyers are circling.