Video: Klinsmann, Dempsey in yesterday’s pre-match press conference


This may be the longest video we’ve ever posted to ProSoccerTalk, but credit to U.S. Soccer for putting the whole press conference on YouTube. It’s almost half an hour-long, but as we patiently wait for tonight’s late kickoff (10 p.m. Eastern).

Here are head coach Jurgen Klinsmann and captain Clint Dempsey speaking to the assembled media on Thursday in Colorado:


Many of the questions talking about this week’s controversy, whether by addressing it directly or speaking to the issues that stem from it. But Klinsmann also gets a chance to address Bruce Arena’s recent comments, views he chose to describe as “criticism” rather than opinion.

DeMarcus “97” Beasley’s role, the effects of potential cold whether, closed practices, and the need to try new players were addressed by a confident Klinsmann and a relaxed Dempsey.

Click it on, keep it in the background, and take a listen as you finish out your work day. There no revelations over the session’s 25 minutes, but it’s probably better than sorting through the podcast backlog.