Matt Besler was the best United States player against Mexico


The Castrol Index is in for the United States-Mexico match and the results, not surprisingly, show the center of the defense dominated. The two center backs and the goalkeeper are the top three rated players.

What might surprised, however, is the order.

Would you say Matt Besler at No. 1, then Brad Guzan, then most people’s Man of the Match Omar Gonzalez? Yeah, we wouldn’t either, but numbers don’t like. (Or maybe they do; we really don’t understand how these things are calculated.) The Sporting Kansas City center back topped the chart at 1,020, followed by Guzan (986) and Gonzalez (917).

Graham Zusi, who should have gotten a million points for his 40-yard run to keep Angel Reyna from slamming the ball home, finished fourth with 721 points. Eddie Johnson managed to earn exactly zero points in 35 minutes of work. That’s impressive.

Here, because I love you all, are the rankings.