Highlights and context: Credit Bayern? Or blame Juventus?

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The second goal of this highlight tells you all you need to know about this matchup. With the tie already settled, Claudio Pizarro’s goal was barely cause for celebration. Nice build up, good finish – no drama.

Thomas Müller wants to be happy for his teammate, but his excitement is misplaced. Not even a third-string striker can get worked up about this Champions League goal.

I got all my Serie A angst out of my system in today’s reaction piece, but as a few people have pointed on via social media, the post may have glanced over a more obvious explanation for Bayern’s 4-0 (agg.) win: The Bavarians are just really, really good.

We’ve been over the numbers before. Bayern have already set one record in Germany, becoming the fastest to clinch the league’s title, and they’re on track to set marks for wins, fewest losses, points, and fewest goals allowed. If they cruise by a team in the Champions League quarters, they probably deserve some of the credit.

In reality, the truth is probably in between. Was it Bayern’s class or Juve’s failures? Undoubtedly, both. Juventus certainly had greater expectations going into this tie, but in the face of Europe’s best team, expectations became regrets.

Here are the highlights from today’s second leg, courtesy of FOX Soccer.