About that Chivas USA rumor: ‘Incorrect,’ says Major League Soccer


Major League Soccer’s league office was quick to respond to this one – the story, originally reported by ESPN Deportes, that had Chivas USA’s franchise in jeopardy. According to the original report, MLS was reviewing the team’s status, considering revoking the franchise and offering it up to the highest bidder. That would start a cascade of events that could see the team league run, moved, sold, and …

And none of that’s going to happen. At least, if it’s going to happen, it’s not in the works right now.

In a statement distributed by the league’s Executive Vice President of Communications Dan Courtemache, the league clarified its position, explaining Chivas USA is in no such trouble:

That report is incorrect. MLS remains supportive of Chivas USA’s plans. The ESPN Deportes writer did not contact MLS about Chivas USA. 

And, to be fair, neither did I or anybody else do picked up Deportes’ reporting. Courtemache and his team, however, were quick to clean up any potential controversy once the fires started spreading. With the Juan Agudelo trade and local television issues serving as post hoc rationale for a story that was never true, this was rumor gone wild – nothing more.

There’s clearly some reason to keep an keep on Chivas USA, but that doesn’t mean the Goats are going to close shop any time soon. There’s really no way MLS could have made it any clearer: They are “supportive” not only of Chivas USA but the club’s “plans.”

So that’s that. Chivas USA remains a curiosity, but not an expiring one.