Seattle man’s tragic death as he attempted to dribble ball to Brazil for charity


Sad news emerged for the global soccer community, as a man dribbling a soccer ball from Seattle to Brazil was hit by a truck and pronounced dead at hospital in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Later it was revealed that the deceased was Richard Swanson, a Seattle native, who came up with the idea to dribble a ball 10,000 miles to Brazil for charity, the year-long journey was supposed to be the stuff of dreams.

But Swanson was just weeks into his trip when the tragedy occurred along U.S. route 101. The road runs along the coast and passes through Lincoln City, Oregon. A truck driver hit the 42-year-old but has not been charged according to reports.

The Seattle man was due to celebrate his 43rd birthday this weekend with friends along the way in Bandon. Swanson’s website,, lists his route to Brazil from Seattle, with the trek taking him through eleven countries on his way to Sao Paulo for the start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The ball he was using was the same used by millions of children across the globe, made by One World Futbol who design it to outlast the toughest conditions. The company donates the soccer balls to youngsters in developing countries.

Sadly the soccer obsessed man from Seattle will never make it to the World Cup. A tragic loss during such a worthwhile quest.