Progress at FIFA? World soccer’s ruling body appoints first woman to powerful executive committee

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After 109 years in existence, world soccer’s governing body has finally gotten around to appointing a woman to its powerful executive committee.

Burundi Football Association president Lydia Nsekera has been elected as the committee’s first woman.  Nsekera, 46, will serve a four-year term on the 26-member board.

This is the committee that somewhat controversially awarded the 2018 World Cup to Russia, and highly controversially awarded the subsequent (2022) World Cup to Qatar.

As such, this is also the committee that has been knee-deep in corruption allegations, and has recently seen two members banned and fined.

Six weeks ago, U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati was appointed to the committee.

Even in her appointment there was apparently some controversy. Not everyone was happy about the process – which is about as shocking as cars driving on the road. This is FIFA, after all.