Would journos be justified in calling for Jurgen Klinsmann’s head?


Crap morning for footie news, folks. Some days are gonna be like that. Can’t worry about it.

So here’s the deal. I figure if you’re reading this blog now, you’re probably an American dude/gal who likes U.S. Soccer. (I mean, I’d like to think us studs at Pro Soccer Talk have regulars from outside the U.S., but honestly, I have no freaking clue.)

Anyway, quick question —

If the U.S. gets pumped by two or three goals today – would journos be justified in calling for Jurgen Klinsmann’s head?

I could see it happening.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of them.

No, my friends, I, personally, would not call for Klinsy’s firing or discuss how guys like Bruce Arena, or, dare I say it, Sir Alex Ferguson, could be the USMNT’s white knight guide into the World Cup. I won’t do that.

But some journos might.

They might say something like – ‘Look we’ve got 12 months until Brazil. We look like crap, we need to qualify, and it appears Klinsmann may have lost the dressing room‘.

Would they be justified?

POST-MATCH UPDATE: That’s called the reverse jinx, guys. Happy to write it anytime if it will result in a win like that. Fantastic victory for the U.S. on its 100th birthday.