Time for Arsenal to buy back Cesc Fabregas


When Cesc Fabregas was transfered from Arsenal to Barcelona in 2011, Arsene Wenger admitted selling the Spaniard on the cheap: “We sold Cesc for a reduced fee. If you can make an auction between Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City, you will certainly get more money, but he just wanted to go to Barcelona.”

Sometimes lost among that sale, however, was the decision by Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis to negotiate a right of first refusal to buy Fabregas back from Barcelona as part of the deal.

With Fabregas upset with his reduced role with the Blaugrana and transfer rumors swirling, that buy-back option is the key to the Gunners chance of re-signing the Spaniard for as little as £20 million.

So will Arsenal dig deep to buy-back Wenger’s former golden boy?

I don’t see why not. I mean, sure, there is the fact that Arsenal isn’t exactly known to splash the cash in the transfer market. But if you’re a believer of the rumors, the Gunners are going to spend big this summer. What’s more, £20 million is hardly an absurd fee, especially when you factor in that Arsenal pocketed £40 million for Cesc when they sold him to Barca.

Also, when you consider Cesc’s influence at Arsenal and how he could almost seamlessly re-insert himself into the club, the deal becomes significantly less risky than say, spending £20 million on Stevan Jovetic and hoping he’s a good fit. With Fabregas, there would be no issues with the manager, no need to get to know his teammates and no Premier League adjustment period.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, by buying back Fabregas, Arsenal get to hang one up on Manchester United and the rest of the big boys. After losing Fabregas to Barcelona, Samir Nasri to Manchester City and Robin van Persie to United, Arsenal need to make moves that prove they’ve still got the bite to compete.

With the right of first refusal, Arsenal can be sure they’ll land Fabregas before the likes of City, United and Paris St. Germain have a prayer of doing so. Stick it to ’em, Arsene.