The latest shout for goal line technology: Philadelphia Union-FC Dallas version


Goal-line technology is expensive, and it really does not come into important effect very often.

Then again, it’s like insurance: when you need it, you really, desperately need it.

It’s hard to get upset with MLS for not deploying goal-line technology this year. After all, how many leagues around the world are using the new systems to instantly detect, with 100 percent accuracy, whether a ball has fully crossed the goal line? The answer: none. Not just now, anyway. (The English Premier League’s new system will be up and running when the 2013-14 season begins in August.)

(ProSoccerTalk was the first to tell you, way back in February, that MLS would pass for this year on installing and utilizing the new high-tech systems for 2013.)

Still, it’s important to remember why this will be such a pressing necessity at some point.

So … we remind you periodically. Like here, from last July in MLS. Or this one around the same time in MLS.

And here, from a couple of months before that in England.  Or this one from last year’s European Championship.

So, it hardly happens weekly, but it these tough calls certainly do recur.

If you haven’t seen the latest, shining example of how implementation of this thing is a “when” and not an “if,” here it is from PPL Park outside Philadelphia on Saturday.

FC Dallas’ Blas Perez appeared to score, but was denied the late equalizer when officials failed to spot the goal – a very close call in all fairness. In this case, Perez was able to score again right at the final whistle as Dallas rallied for a 2-2 draw. Still …

You can see it for yourself here. NBC’s Arlo White and Kyle Martino are on the call: