Paolo Di Canio says players don’t fear him because “I don’t kill people”


Paolo Di Canio has used an…interesting choice of words to ward off the reputation that he’s a disciplinarian.

The Sunderland manager said a “revolution” is taking place at the Stadium of Light, but that players do not fear the Italian.

“The players cannot fear the manager, it’s not possible. I don’t kill people, I let them train!”

Maybe a poor choice of words for the publicly pronounced fascist, but I’m sure recently acquired Jozy Altidore will be happy to hear he has no reason to fear for his life.

Di Canio told supporters it may not be all peaches and cream at the club throughout his reign, but that the relationship between player and manager need not be one of great friendship.

“Obviously, they don’t love me and I told them they don’t need to love me, they have to follow me, and then they’re going to be OK” said Di Canio. “Sometimes we have a fight and sometimes they drive me crazy and then I’m going to get angry, but to be honest, it is more like a family, with respect. Sometimes the son or the daughter goes away from the right road and I pull them back.”

The Italian knows that ability and technique are required to become an elite club, but he always falls back on conditioning. “To reduce the gap between us and the top clubs it’s obvious that we need a strategy and tactics and technical quality. But physical condition is also one of the main parts, otherwise it is difficult to reduce this gap. ”

UPDATE: Di Canio has also described the pitch in Hong Kong ahead of their tie with Manchester City as a “killer pitch,” and not in a good way.  I sense a trend…