VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo should stick to soccer after first pitch at LA Dodgers


We all love Cristiano Ronaldo because of his mesmerizing skills with a soccer ball at this feet.

But turns it he is human, after all.

The Real Madrid forward threw out the first pitch at the LA Dodgers game with the New York Yankees at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday. Ronaldo is out on the West coast as Real begin their International Champions Cup campaign against the LA Galaxy on Thursday.

“Could do better….” would be the verdict on the Portuguese stars pitching skills.

Obviously Ronaldo chose the right sport to play when he was growing up. Not that they play a lot of baseball on the tiny island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean where Ronaldo grew up.

But as you can see below, he loosened himself up in the batting cages, played keep uppy with Dodgers star Yasiel Puig and then had a go at pitching. It wasn’t pretty but Ronaldo kept smiling.

Stick to soccer, Ronny. But bravo for giving baseball a try and leaving us with this video gem. You. The. Man.