Cristiano Ronaldo hugs pitch invader (Video)


For all the slack Cristiano Ronaldo gets for being arrogant, he can sure come off as pretty chill when he wants to. That was the case during Real Madrid’s 3-1 victory over Chelsea last night at the International Champions Cup final in Miami.

Following Ronaldo’s second strike of the night, Madrid looked comfortable with their 3-1 lead and the previously pulsating affair began to show signs of winding down. That’s around the time when a fan donning a CR7 shirt hopped the gate and sprinted towards the man-of-the-match.

Given the history of such incidents –  notably the 1993 stabbing of tennis star Monica Seles – players are typically (and understandably) hesitant to interact with fans who enter the field of play.

But despite the history and the fact that last night’s invader was carrying something in his hand (presumably a camera), Ronaldo not only allowed the fan to approach him but did what many never would imagine possible.

He hugged him. And it wasn’t just a fleeting bro hug. Ronaldo kept his arm around the fan’s waist as he talked into the superstar’s ear.

Ronaldo’s reaction to the sweet nothings of his admirer? A bigger hug.

Then, as security finally arrived on the scene, Ronaldo kept his arm around the invader, ushering him to the sideline.

There’s no doubt this was risky, arguably foolish, move by Ronaldo but something must have told the former FIFA World Player of the Year that this guy meant no harm.

You can hate Ronaldo for being pompous. You can hate Ronaldo for being narcissistic. Heck, you can hate Ronaldo for simply not being Lionel Messi.

But this move was pretty darn endearing.