Edinson Cavani inserts himself into Suarez controversy, backing his countrymate

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Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani has set out at LIverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, calling for the boss to consult a dictionary when asking Luis Suarez to stay true to his club.

“The Liverpool coach can talk about loyalty and disrespect, but maybe he needs to look up what it means” said Cavani.

Those are fighting words.

According to Cavani, his international strike partner has had opportunities in previous transfer windows to leave Anfield and didn’t, leading the new PSG man to believe it’s Liverpool who need to rethink their morals.

Luis had the chance last year to join a big club like Juventus, who went on to win the league in Italy” said Cavani “But, instead, he chose to stay and fight with Liverpool. Now, that’s what you call loyalty. I’ve known about his agreement with Liverpool and understood that he would be leaving, if they were not playing in the Champions League.”

Cavani led Napoli to a second-place finish in Serie A last season, and joined Paris Saint-Germain in a big-money move this summer.  Cavani’s transfer was completed back in mid-July, which allowed Napoli to spend the money received for his services in a big way, snatching up players such as Gonzalo HIguain, Dries Mertens, and Raul Albiol.

In contrast, the longer the Suarez saga drags on, the less likely he is to leave, as Liverpool owner John Henry has already declared his prize striker will be staying since the time they have to replace him is shrinking.  While it’s not a guarantee Henry will keep his word, his argument grows stronger each day that goes by without movement.