Fredy Montero unloads on Fiorentina, scores in Sporting CP friendly


How to make friends and influence people, Fredy Montero-style: Kick the ball into a big net from a really long way out. We saw it a number of times in Major League Soccer, and today in a friendly against Serie A side Fiorentina, Sporting CP got their first taste of what the Colombian can offer.

Before this moment, Sporting’s fans probably had little idea what their team was getting when they signed a little-known Colombian from Major League Soccer. That he wasn’t a regular for his country’s national team may have left them a little perplexed as to why their club was considering paying millions for a 26-year-old making his first foray to Europe.

With a few more moments like this, however, Sporting supporters will quickly have their answers. Here’s the former Seattle Sounder in the fifth minute of today’s friendly against Fiorentina:


You can’t exactly tell from the video, but that sure looks like it was Montero’s first touch. A ball played back for veteran David Pizarro alludes the Chilean midfielder. Montero gets between Pizarro and the ball and lets it run just far enough to, as they say, put his foot through the it. Uruguayan goalkeeper Gustavo Munúa was undoubtedly none-too-thrilled to suddenly be in the shoes so many of his MLS counterparts have occupied before.

Sporting went on to win 3-1 ahead of their Portuguese league opener next Sunday. For Montero, it was his first goal since joining the Lisbon giants on loan from Seattle.