Smile Big: Ronaldinho fixes his teeth


There are a million reasons to love Brazilian international Ronaldinho. There’s the trickery, the goal celebrations, the crossbar challenge (video below) and the passion for the game – but most of all, there are those teeth.

Ever since he first became a household name as a youngster at Paris Saint-Germain, Ronaldinho has been flashing those not-so-perly-whites with his ear-to-ear grin. With that mashup of gums and snaggle teeth first time viewers didn’t know whether to recoil or give him a hug.

Any disgust people had quickly went out the window. Ronnie’s mouth wasn’t gross at all. It was amazing. Because that mouth formed what has to be the biggest smile that any footballer has played with from the beginning of time. There is perhaps no symbol of pure, unbridled joy within the game of world football.

But after what one can only presume to be a lifetime of teasing Ronaldinho finally decided to undergo oral surgery to give himself a more understated look. He’s still not exactly a Colgate model, but the change is obvious.

If the surgery makes Dinho feel better, then he has my support. But I for one will miss that old mug.