Mark Hughes admits he thought Stoke stunk before he took over as manager


With the new Premier League season upon us, Mark Hughes has a confession to make.

The new Stoke City manager says he thought the club was pretty bad before he came in.  Not any more though.

“Maybe I was guilty of having a perception on the quality of player I had at the club. I have very good and ­accomplished players.”

Interesting admission.

Stoke for a while have had a reputation for only being able to get the ball up front with long passes from the back.  In addition, the Potters have never finished in the top half of the Premier League table.

Hughes says he hadn’t had conversations with any previous managers of the club before taking the job.

“I’ve never spoken to former managers. Sometimes you can be shaped by other people’s perceptions on what you are going to find, so I’d rather just go in and make my own judgement with my own eyes.”

Hmm, maybe that’s why you thought they were bad, Mark!

“I wanted to see what I had first and was prepared to give them a chance. I feel we addressed a discrepancy in terms of not having too many left sided or left footed players in. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with what I’ve seen.”

Well, it’s good to know at least the guy who has to say his squad is good thinks the squad is good.  The upcoming season will tell us if he’s right.

You can watch Stoke City take on Liverpool at Anfield Saturday at 7:45am ET on NBCSN.