Ian Holloway furious with Moxey penalty decision


Crystal Palace lost to Tottenham Hotspur Sunday 1-0, with the difference being Roberto Soldado’s penalty – his first Spurs goal.

Mercurial Eagles manager Ian Holloway for whatever reason believes Dean Moxey – whose failing handball in the box gave away the penalty – was wrongly judged by referee Mark Clattenburg.

Holloway didn’t hold back.

“I don’t understand how it was a penalty, or how Dean Moxey could have got out of the way of it” said Holloway after the match. “I had three players right behind him. It’s going to be a long hard season for me with these people. I had this with Blackpool. Certain clubs get fouls and others don’t. Tottenham will feel that if they play Man United. Do I think I would have got that at Tottenham? No I don’t. I just want a bit of fairness. I want a foul like anyone else would have got one. I’ve got a horrible taste in my mouth after that.”

As wronged as the Palace manager feels, it’s hard to disagree with the referee on this situation.  Moxey jumped to block Aaron Lennon’s cross, and his outstretched arm caught the ball.  Sure, he didn’t mean to do it, but intent is no longer what the referees judge these decisions on. The fact his arm was thrown out from his body was the reason the penalty was given – correctly, I might add.

It’s a pleasure to have such a down-to-earth and entertaining man like Ian Holloway back in the Premier League, but he will wear out his welcome quickly if he continues to publicly argue referees for seemingly correct decisions.