Premier League Week 1 Spot of the Week (Video)


United States international Geoff Cameron got the start at right back for Stoke City on Saturday, drawing what looked to be a difficult matchup opposite Philippe Coutinho. But with Brazilian attacker kept off the scoresheet (and Cameron doing his best to turn the tables on Coutinho), it ended up being a relatively straight-forward day for the former Houston Dynamo. Stoke did lose at Anfield, 1-0, but that wasn’t a surprise, and the given the Potters had a chance to equalize just before full time, it was a relatively good day for Stoke (albeit in a silver lining-type of way).

That left this moment as Cameron’s highlight. Run over the sideboards by Liverpool defender José Enrique, Cameron was given a few moments to rest among the best seats at Anfield. It’s a scene you’re more likely to see in an NBA game than in the Premier League.

Cameron’s season will probably feature more prominent moments than this. For now, however, he’ll have to content himself with the league’s first Spot of the Week.