Top Five Goals from Week 1 of the Premier League Season (Video)

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Our (read: Richard’s) favorite goal of the Premier League weekend didn’t make the list, but today’s second at the Etihad was more of a team goal, anyway. Sergio Agüero’s score against Newcastle was as precise a finish as anything you’ll see from this video, but the beauty in the score was as much in Vincent Kompany’s interception and Edin Dzeko’s touch. If there were a ranking of top five team goals, City’s would be number one.

This list, however, is the Premier League’s top five goals. It’s more about the finishes. It’s more about the final act than the entire show.

Three spots feature powerful, unstoppable strikes. Another is a piece of dead ball magic. And yet another was a piece of delicacy that left the opposing keeper helpless.

From Eastlands to the Liberty, Upton Park to Carrow Road, here are this week’s top five Premier League goals.