Top Show Boats of Week 1 of the Premier League Season (Video)



The Premier League isn’t know as the more improvisational in the world, but with this video (and music choice) the league may by trying to change that. Whereas England’s has typically been a soccer culture that’s frowned on step overs, excessive back heals, or bringing any tricks from the street to the pitch, the Premier League’s celebrating their artists with this video – the weekend’s biggest and best “Show Boats.”

The meeting between those ideals can not only be seen in the contrast between soundtrack and play but also in the awkward jewel of the package: Steven Whittaker’s Saturday goal against Everton. The Norwich City right back almost loses the ball as tries to make his way through the Toffee defense, but once he recovers, he blasts a shot from the edge of the box off Tim Howard’s right post. The rebound came straight back to him in the right of the area, and before Howard could recover, Whittaker had scored the game’s first goal.

If Whittaker had done that on purpose, And1 could be making soccer cleats. That he didn’t somehow makes the video all the more enjoyable.